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Bank Locator

Bank Locator

FDIC Bank Find allows you to locate information on FDIC-insured institutions. If more than one institution meets the criteria you enter, you will be provided with a list of institutions. Bank Find can answer questions such as: Is My Bank Insured? Where Are My Bank's Branches Located? Where Is My Bank's Home (Main) Office Located? What Is My Bank's Website Address? What Happened to My Bank (Historical List of Events)? Does My Bank Have a New Name? Is My Bank Still Open? And more.

If you are looking for a bank or savings and loan that no longer exists, due to merger or sale, you can search for the institution under the name you are familiar with. The information on when the institution was acquired by another institution, plus all subsequent changes, will be displayed. With banks changing their names constantly, this is a very useful site. The FDIC website also has quarterly financial information on existing institutions.

Credit Union Locator

Credit Unions

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) allows you to locate information on NCUA-insured institutions.

A Smarter Choice is a project of the nation’s credit unions and is sponsored by CUNA.