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Consumers warned of collections scam

March 09, 2010

Consumers warned of collections scam

For Immediate Release: March 9, 2010

(ST. PAUL, MN) The Minnesota Department of Commerce is warning Minnesotans to beware of e-mails from Experian Portfolio Services of St. Paul informing them that they owe money to an unnamed creditor.  The e-mails, which ask consumers to pay their outstanding balances via PayPal, appear to be fraudulent and consumers should not provide any personal information or payment to satisfy the alleged debt.

In November, Experian, the global credit bureau, issued a warning to consumers about the e-mails and letters, calling them fraudulent requests not associated with Experian.  The Minnesota Better Business Bureau has also received complaints from consumers about an entity called Experian Financial Services Corp., which also claims to operate out of St. Paul.

Minnesota law requires any entity in the business of collecting claims on behalf of another be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.  Neither Experian Portfolio Services nor Experian Financial Services Corp. is a licensed collection agency in Minnesota. 

Consumers who receive an e-mail or letter from Experian Portfolio Services or Experian Financial Services Corp. are advised to disregard these e-mails or letters. 

They may contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce at (651) 296-2488 or (800) 657-3602 for further direction or to report that they have received a letter.