Minnesota Standards - Right Price

Standard Products

The right price

Volume purchasing means you can be sure you’ll be getting the lowest possible price up front, and a low TCO. Plus, with pre-negotiated terms and conditions, you’ll get the best possible service from your vendor. Standard products represent an excelllent combination of price and performance. This combination offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and an excellent value.

Some factors that affect prices:

  • Minnesota freight and three year warranty are included, by contract, on most products
  • Volume discounts are available to all program participants and are of special value to smaller customers
  • 10 month "managed product requirement" applies to many product lines. This requirement can result in slightly higher prices but is a critical component to minimizing IT support costs that often dwarf up-front purchase prices
  • Standard products are not designed to offer "the latest and greatest" because those products most often come at premium prices. Standards offer excellent performance at excellent prices.

Prices change monthly (on the first of every month)
Vendors can change prices monthly, but are only permitted to reduce product prices.