ASAP-IT: UpNorth-Vet, Inc.

Professional Services

UpNorth-Vet, Inc.

Vendor Information
331 2nd Ave South Suite 202
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Targeted Group: No
Veteran-Owned Vendor: Yes
Primary contact: Tim Murphy
Email address:
Phone number: (952) 224-8656 ext. 102
Cell number: (612) 720-1089
Secondary contact: Laurie Fenton
Email address:
Phone number: (952) 224-8656 ext. 103
Cell number: NA
SWIFT Vendor ID: 823306
SWIFT Contract ID: 66197
Category Title Maximum
Business Analyst$95 
Geospatial Specialist$95 
Java Developer$105 
Microsoft .NET Programmer/Developer$110 
Project Manager$117 
Quality Assurance Analyst$85 
Security Analyst$128 
System Analyst$95 
Web Specialist$100 
Category Count: 9
*Maximum rates represent the absolute cap that a vendor is allowed to charge. Many vendors proposed lower hourly rates and organizations are expected to negotiate the hourly rate as appropriate to the specific engagement and skill/knowledge level required.
UpNorth-Vet, Inc. has over 30 years of IT Consulting Services expertise in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our Philosophies & Values are to:
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Conduct all our work with the highest Ethical, Moral and Responsible Practices and Procedures
  • Comply with Government Specifications and Regulations applicable to our projects
  • Provide the Highest Level of Qualified Staff, and
  • Provide Quality Resources at Competitive Prices.
UpNorth-Vet specializes in IT professional resources for software solutions and staff augmentation. Our firm's extensive WEB development, WEB-hosted, and Applications Development teams include skills in Project Management, Business Analysis, Information & Data Architecture, SHAREPOINT and Data Warehouse design and development. Our staff utilizes the complete Open Source JAVA suite of tools to provide the most efficient analysis, design and development in AGILE, WEB or traditional software development environments.
Date last updated: 2/20/2015 8:22:13 AM