ASAP-IT: Getting Started

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ASAP-IT: Getting Started

What is this program?
ASAP-IT is a master contract program exclusively for IT staff augmentation. This program is available for use by state agencies and other government units eligible under the State’s cooperative purchasing venture established pursuant to Minnesota Statutes §16C.03, subdivision 10 and includes, but is not limited to, counties, cities, school districts and higher education. This program is for staff augmentation services only and not intended for long term deliverables-based projects. Engagements under this program may not exceed one year in duration.

How do I utilize this program?
The following are general steps to assist you in navigating the process:

  1. Make sure you are eligible to use the program. First, you must be a Minnesota state agency or a member of the state’s Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) program. Additional information about joining the CPV program can be found at the Office of State Procurement of the Department of Administration.
  2. To use the program, the government entity or CPV member must have and identify its authentication code. Engagement Requests or Call for Resumes will not be processed without a valid authentication code. If you do not know your code, please review the list of Organization Contacts to determine who in your organization can assist you.
  3. Determine which of two processes you will be using: 1) Engagement Request; or 2) Call for Resumes
  4. Engagement Request Process – This process is allowed only for an engagement that will not exceed $100,000 in total cost or 1 year. The Engagement Request process allows for the direct selection of a resource provided by a master contract holder. Amendments to work orders entered into under the Engagement Request process may not result in a total contract obligation that exceeds $100,000 or exceeds 1 year. Requesters need to review the information provided about the various vendors to determine which vendor to select. Please review the Eligible Vendors to determine the vendor that will best meet your need. After a vendor is selected, an Engagement Request Form must be sent to begin the process.

    Call for Resumes Process - This process can be used for the acquisition of IT services at any dollar level for up to 1 year. This process is a competitive process where multiple vendors will compete with each other to provide the using entity with the resource that will bring the best value to the organization.

  5. Once you have determined which process best suits your needs,complete either the Call for Resumes or Engagement Request form located on the Contract Users Forms page.
  6. By statute, within 30 days of completion of any work order that exceeds $25,000, the government entity or other CPV member must fill out and submit a contractor Evaluation Form.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Mark Haselman
Department of Administration
Office of State Procurement
(651) 201-3049

Date last updated: 1/24/2017