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Project Participants 

Board of Water and Soil Resources
John Lenarz, Eric Mohring

Department of Agriculture
Larry Palmer

Department of Health
Denton Peterson

Department of Natural Resources
Les Maki, Robert Maki

Department of Public Service
Susan Kosowski

Department of Transportation
Marjorie Casey

Environmental Quality Board
Mike Sullivan

Minnesota State Law Library
Dennis Skrade

Minnesota Planning
Richard Fong

Land Management Information Center
David Arbeit, Chris Cialek

Metropolitan Council
Rick Gelbmann

Office of Environmental Assistance
David Cera

Office of Technology
Dawn Igoe

Pollution Control Agency
Ed Meyer, Shari Wright

University of Minnesota,
Machine Readable Data Center
Wendy Treadwell

Minnesota Historical Society
Robert Horton

Funding for the Foundations Project was approved by the Minnesota Legislature, ML 1997, Chapter 216, Sec. 15, Subd. 11(A), as recommended by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources from the Minnesota Future Resources Fund.
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Updated September 20, 2008