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    Placing Dublin Core Elements into HTML documents 

    Metadata is invisible when displayed through a browser. We are using Dublin Core (DC) according to the Minnesota Metadata Guidelines for Dublin Core. Dublin Core is hidden in the <HEAD> section of an HTML document. To view these metatags from a browser, find the menu that shows a document's source and click on this item. Tags beginning with META store metadata. The DC Elements shown are part of the Minnesota Metadata Guidelines - Dublin Core

    An example of a web page with several Dublin Core metadata elements installed:
    Using HTML 4.0 syntax:
                                    ...[document TITLE here]...
                                    <META NAME="DC.Title" CONTENT="Title of the Document">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Title.Alternative"CONTENT="Alternate Title of the Document">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Creator.PersonalName" CONTENT="The name of the creator of the resource>
                                    <META NAME="DC.Subject" CONTENT="Subject word">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Description" CONTENT="A brief description of the resource.">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Publisher" CONTENT="Publisher of the resource">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Type" CONTENT="The kind of resource">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Source" CONTENT="The source of the resource">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Format" SCHEME="IMT" CONTENT="The format the resource resides in currently">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Identifier" CONTENT="">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Date" CONTENT="The date relevant to the resource">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Language" SCHEME="ISO639-1" ]CONTENT="Language of the resource">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Relation" SCHEME="URL" CONTENT="">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Coverage" CONTENT="Spatial or Temporal location of the resource">
                                    <META NAME="DC.Rights" CONTENT="Access rights to the resource">
                                            ...[document body begins]...
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    Updated April 13, 2006