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    The Metadata Blues 

    Choose one of the sites hyperlinked below for Bruce Abbott's Metadata Blues presentation or audio.

    Full Metadata Blues slide presentation with audio 
    Microsoft PowerPoint file (.ppt) 54 slides. 48,172 KB. 

    "Kiosk" Metadata Blues slide presentation with audio 
    Microsoft PowerPoint file (.ppt) 11 slides. 7 minutes. 64,918 KB.

    Metadata Blues slides handout 
    Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) 54 slides. 21 pages. 663 KB. 

    Metadata Blues audio file 
    MP3 file (.mp3) 7 minutes. 6,528 KB. 

    1. TITLE  
    The Metadata Blues, or Metadata in Search of an Audience.  
    2. CREATOR 
    Bruce Abbott, Data Administrator, MIS Bureau, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  
    3. SUBJECT 
    In an effort to sort out some of the confusion surrounding the term “metadata,” this presentation describes four (different but related) metadata communities: data element metadata, Web page metadata, spatial metadata, and recordkeeping metadata. These communities are explored along several dimensions: their domains of interest, their standards, and their intended audiences. Comparisons within and across these dimensions show that there is a large degree of overlap among these communities, even though each community often focuses inward, on its own needs.  
    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  
    Eileen Quam, Metadata Specialist and editor.  
    7. DATE 
    8. TYPE 
    Video slide presentation with audio 12-bar blues.  
    9. FORMAT 
    PPT, MP3, PDF. 
    10. IDENTIFIER  
    11. SOURCE 
    My troubled soul.  
    12. LANGUAGE 
    13. RELATION 
    Metadata Blues presentation variants; Metadata Blues audio files.  
    14. COVERAGE 
    Metadata Blues lyrics copyright Bruce Abbott, 2001. Metadata Blues slide presentation copyright Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 2001.

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    Updated January 9, 2007