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The Foundations Project is a multi-agency collaboration aimed at improving public access to environmental and natural resources data and information.  Developing intuitive and easy to use search tools and strategies is the Project's focus. Staff and agency participants will catalog many kinds of electronic information resources using Dublin Core metadata, including Web pages, PDF documents and geographic data.  Such resources can be used to develop advanced search and retrieval techniques that integrate access to this information across state environmental agency Web sites.  Based on project research findings and using principals of information architecture, a "blue print" will be created that specifies best practices for these Web sites. 

We have chosen Bridges as the name for the Web site/search engine. The Bridges name is a metaphor for connecting and spanning Minnesota state agencies, to offer environmental information resources.  This is the logo we are using: 

Bridges Logo
Is Bridges Operational?  

We started with full text searching in summer of 1998, followed by a phased approach to implementation of qualified Dublin Core metatags. This implementation has increased accuracy of searching for environmental information.  The public debut of the system occurred in October 1998. 

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Bridges Logo 
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Updated January 9, 2007