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The Minnesota Board of Podiatric Medicine is totally self-supported by fees, and receives no general fund appropriations. Fees have been set by the board with the approval of the Department of Finance and the Minnesota State Legislature to sustain board operations. Fees in effect at this time are shown below.

A license verification can be requested and the $30 fee paid online by clicking here.Once the request has been placed and paid for online, it takes several days for the Board to receive and it will be mailed upon completion. In the event of a time critical request, place the request online and then contact the Board office to make arrangements for expedited receipt of the license verification.

A. Application for licensure, $660; (includes a $60 E-Licensing Surcharge)

B. Renewal license, $660; (includes a $60 E-Licensing Surcharge)

C. Late renewal fee, $100;

D. Temporary permit, $250;

E. Duplicate license or duplicate renewal certificate, $10;

F. Reinstatement, $650;

G. Exam administration to persons who have not applied for a license or permit, $50;

H. Fee for verification of licensure, $30; and

I. Miscellaneous fees:

(1) Labels, $25;

(2) List of licensees, $25; and

(3) Copies, 25 cents per page.

Requirements: Fees must be paid in United States money and are not refundable.

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