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APRN License Verification

APRN Licensing Update
January 15, 2015

The interim primary method of APRN licensure verification is the pdf. document titled APRN Licensure Summary Report. APRN information is no longer available on the RN and LPN verification page. Discipline reports are found only on the RN and LPN licensure verification page at this time. The Board will be revising this in the future.

The following information in the RN and LPN verification page is not an accurate representation of an APRN licensure status.


At this time the only way to verify an APRN license is to go to the APRN Licensure Summary Report that looks like this:


APRN Licensure Summary Report
List of APRN licensure information for each APRN.

APRN Licensure Detail Report
List of APRN licenses issued with more detailed information for each licensee.

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