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Board-Approved Supervisors:

Requirements for becoming an LMFT Board-Approved supervisor are found in Minn.Rule 5300.0160. A Minnesota LMFT seeking approved supervisor status must complete a Board-approved MFT supervision training program. General supervision training, supervision training for other licenses (i.e. Social Work, Psychology), or general supervision CE hours may not be used to meet the training requirement to become an LMFT Board-approved supervisor. If you are uncertain whether a program may be used to meet these supervisor training requirements, contact the Board office. 

After completing the required training, an LMFT must submit the Request for Board-Approved Supervisor Status form.  There is no fee for filing this form.  The LMFT will be notified electronically when the Board grants approved supervisor status and listed as an approved supervisor on the Board's website.

Board supervisors must satisfy the requirements of Minnesota Rule 5300.0170, including devoting 10% of required continuing education hours to supervision training and skills.
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