Teacher Preparation Program Approval

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Request for Initial Program Approval 

Institutions and organizations seeking initial approval for a new licensure program must submit a Request for Initial Program Approval (RIPA) via the Educator Preparation Program Application System (EPPAS). RIPA applications should be submitted at least one year prior to the anticipated program launch date to allow adequate review time.  After initial program approval is granted, licensure programs report biannually to seek continuing approval. 

Program Effectiveness Report for Continuing Approval

In an effort to focus the program approval process on program outcomes in addition to program inputs, the Minnesota Board of Teaching began a redesign process in 2007 to capture performance data of the candidates in each program to ensure that they are able to demonstrate competence and readiness to teach. After several years of discussion, research, and planning, the redesign work resulted in new unit and program approval rules which become effective January 1, 2016.