Representation:  Transfer of Exclusive Representation Status

An employee organization (179A.03, subd. 6) with the status of exclusive representative (179A.03, subd. 8) under the Public Employment Labor Relations Act may transfer its status to another employee organization by meeting the requirements of Minn. Rules. 5510.1210.

The following questionnaire will assist in assuring compliance with the transfer procedure:

Present Exclusive Representative ____________________________________________

New Exclusive Representative _______________________________________________

Recognition Clause from Current Labor Agreement_______________________________




Present Exclusive Representative:

1) What is the date that the members were notified of the meeting? ___________________________________________________________________________

2) What is the date that the meeting was held? ___________________________________________________________________________

3) What time of the day was the meeting held? ___________________________________________________________________________

4) How were the members notified of the meeting? ___________________________________________________________________________

5) Where was the meeting held? _________________________________________________

6) Was the time, place and date of the meeting convenient for the majority of the members? ___________________________________________________________________________

7) Was the meeting held in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws? ___________________________________________________________________________

8) How many members are in the unit? ____________________________________________

9) How many members were in attendance at the meeting? ___________________________________________________________________________

10) Was there ample time at the meeting to discuss the affiliation? ___________________________________________________________________________

11) How long did the meeting last? _______________________________________________

12) Was there a secret ballot taken? ______________________________________________

13) How was the ballot worded? _________________________________________________

14) What was the out-come of the tabulation of the ballots? ___________________________________________________________________________

New Organization:

1) A copy of the Constitution and Bylaws filed with the BMS?  _______

2) Express a willingness to represent the employees in the appropriate unit? _________

Questions concerning procedures for filing a transfer of exclusive representative petition may be directed to Janet Johnson - 651-649-5426 -