Representation:  Private Sector Certification

A labor organization may be eligible for certification as the exclusive representative of private sector employees under the Minnesota Public Labor Relations Act by filing a written request with the Bureau. Bureau procedure requires that such a request contain the following:

  1. Petition for Certification of Exclusive Representative.
  2. Valid authorization cards signed and dated by at least 30 percent of the employees within the proposed unit in accordance (see sample below).

Upon receipt of all completed documents, an investigation will be initiated and if necessary a public hearing will be held to secure testimony and/or evidence pertinent to the request. If the proposed bargaining unit is found to be appropriate, and the petition is supported by the required 30 percent valid authorization cards, an election will be conducted by the Bureau to determine whether eligible employees wish to be exclusively requested by the petitioning labor organization. In order to be certified as an exclusive representative a majority of eligible employees who vote in the election must cast ballots in support of the petitioning labor organization.

Questions concerning procedures for filing a certification petition may be directed to Janet Johnson - - 651-649-5426 -


Name and Address of ________________________________

Employee Organization _______________________________

I hereby authorize (Name of Employee Organization) to represent me in matters relating to my terms and conditions of employment. PRINT: ______________________________________________________________
First Name                     Middle Initial                       Last Name

Address (optional)

City (optional)                        State (optional)                  Zip Code (optional)

Department/Division Job Classification


Date Signed