The BMS maintains a roster of up to 60 neutral arbitrators. Arbitrators selected for appointment to the BMS Roster must meet rigorous standards of relevant labor relations experience, knowledge of collective bargaining, and arbitration. Requirements for empanelment, referral, conduct and removal of persons on the roster are listed in Minnesota Rules Chapter 5530.

Names from the roster are forwarded to labor and management representatives upon written request. The Bureau will honor a request by any one party unless prohibited by the collective bargaining agreement or by other written agreement of the parties. Such prohibition must be brought to our attention at the time of a request or a referral. Referrals from the list are made for contract and grievance disputes. Normal turnaround time for referrals is one-two business days.

Requests may be submitted in letter form, on the Bureau's Request for Arbitrator Panel form (PDF document), by e-mail to:, or by fax. If you fax your request, please do not submit another copy by mail. Please identify the employer and labor/employee organization, the representatives of each party (including their addresses and phone numbers), and a brief description of the nature of the grievance. Requests via e-mail will be accepted for grievance disputes only.

All arbitration awards received are on file at the Bureau offices and are available for public review.

View the awards received after January 1, 2006

The Bureau has an Arbitration Advisory Committee (PDF document) made up of two arbitrators, three labor advocates, and three management advocates, to provide general assistance to the commissioner. View the current arbitrator roster.

Please refer questions or comments regarding arbitration to:

Carol Clifford
(651) 649-5423