Continuing Education


General Information

The Board does NOT have a list of specific continuing education programs or activities available to complete the continuing education requirement.

Reminder: You must report a minimum of 2 professional development hours in professional ethics to renew your license in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions


Carryover Hours

Click the link below to find an alphabetical listing of individuals with carryover from their 2016 renewal.

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Pre-Approval of Courses or Activities

The Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design does not pre-approve any courses or activities for continuing education. The Continuing Education Assessment Form (see below) is a tool created by the Board for licensees and certificate holders to use to help determine which courses or activities will meet the statutory requirements. It is up to each licensee or certificate holder to become familiar with the statutory requirements and to determine for themselves whether or not a particular course or activity meets those requirements.

Sponsors of courses and activities are welcome to review the statutory requirements and state the following on their advertising, "The Minnesota Board does not pre-approve courses and activities, however to the best of our knowledge this course/activity meets the continuing education requirements outlined in MN Statute 326.107. Final discretion is up to the Board."



Continuing Education Assessment Form - use this form to help you determine which courses or activities meet the statutory requirements for continuing education. You may also keep this in your file as part of your record of continuing education.

Continuing Education Documenting Form - Use this form to keep a running total of the courses and activities you participate in over the reporting period. You are not required to submit this form with your renewal.

Continuing Education Record Checklist - Wondering what you need to keep in your files in case of an audit? Use this checklist to help you keep track. Remember it is your responsiblity to ensure you have proper supporting documentation of your activities.

Exemption Request Form - Use the form for the proper timeframe for which you are requesting exemption from the continuing education requirement due to military service, illness, injury, or other extenuating circumstance which prevented you from obtaining the required professional development hours. You must also provide supporting documentation with your request.



Please see MN Statute 326.107: