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First Draft: November 5, 2001 Version 1.0

  • General Criteria
    • Construction and operation of buildings result in high levels of energy and resource usage. Great care must be taken therefore when creating "sustainable" projects.
    • Consultants shall design buildings to use resources in a way and at a rate that does not jeopardize the needs of future generations.
    • Design decisions must balance economic, environmental and community needs.
    • Sustainability may increase or reduce costs. Time and effort is required to make informed sustainable design decisions.
    • Design decisions must consider the full life of materials including life-cycle assessment (LCA) and life-cycle cost (LCC) factors, and must also consider operating costs.
    • Design decisions must be well documented since issues, suppliers, resources and product choices change frequently.
    • Consultants shall use building components that are produced using reliable sustainable technology, avoiding untested systems, materials, and processes.
    • Note: Sustainability Guidelines will be updated periodically since issues, suppliers, resources and product choices change frequently. 

  • Definitions

    Commissioning A systematic process for ensuring that building systems perform as efficiently as possible. 
    Deconstruction The process of taking buildings / structures apart so that components can be reused or recycled. 
    Life-cycle Assessment (LCA) Reviewing the full life of a product and its impact on the environment including: mining of the raw material; refining and creating a finished product; transportation to the site; installation in the project; resources                                             used during its life; and its final disposal. 
    Life-cycle Cost (LCC) Reviewing the full life cycle of a product and the cost to use it in the project including: the first cost of the product; the cost to operate and maintain it; and the cost of disposal. 
    Mandatory A process or choice that must be included in the project. 
    Recommended A process or choice that is not required but should be included in the project. 
    Sustainability Using resources in a way and at a rate that allows people to meet their needs, while allowing future generations to meet their needs. 
    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Chemicals whose presence in the air may frequently cause poor air quality.