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  • Where do I get a username and password to log onto the vendor management system?
    Please see the document entitled, "Vendor Management System Overview" for how to log into the electronic database… in part it says as follows:

    "Vendor Management System Overview"

    To enter the Vendor Management System each firm has been given a user name and password. Your username is your firm's vendor number. Please enter the 11 digit number with no dashes or spaces. If your vendor number is a 10 digit number, add a zero at the end of your vendor number as the current system will only accept an 11 digit number. Your password is set to the last four digits of your firm's federal tax ID number. Once you have successfully logged onto the system, you may change the password, but not the username. If your firm has multiple vendor numbers, you will use the lowest vendor number. Typically it will end in 00. Once you are logged in you will be able to change information for any of your firm's locations…."

  • What if I don't have a state vendor ID number?
  • After I get a state vendor ID number, what do I do?
    Email RECS at or call RECS Contracting at 651-201-2551 and provide your firm name, new vendor number, the last four digits of your federal tax identification number and the type of work your firm provides. Your firm information will be entered into the system.  After you are entered into the system, you will be able to log on and complete that part of the RFQ application.
  • I can't log onto the vendor management system even though I'm using our firm's state vendor number as our User ID, and the last four digits of the federal tax ID number as our password. Why?

    The User Id for the Vendor Management System is an 11 digit number.  If the Vendor Management System account for your firm was created after the implementation of the new accounting system, SWIFT (approximately July 1, 2011), then the User Id will be the SWIFT Vendor Number with a “0” (zero) at the end.  If your firm’s account was created prior to SWIFT, then the User Id will be an 11 digit Vendor Number from the old accounting system, MAPS. If you are still having problems, Email RECS with your firm’s name and the last four digits of the federal tax id number for your firm and we will email you back the User Id we have in our system. Try that number. If it still does not work, let us know.

  • I can't click on the links in the RFQ and get to the document I want. What should I do?

    If the links found within the RFQ document are not working properly for you, please return to the web page where you first opened the RFQ.  Below the title for the RFQ is a list of titles for the other documents you need.  You may go directly to those documents by clicking on the needed title itself.

  • I'm on a previous roster. Do I have to submit my firm's information again?

    Yes. The roster effective February 8, 2016 replaced the previous roster.  All firm's wishing to remain on the new Roster must respond to the RFQ.

    Any firm may apply at any time to be placed on the master roster.  Applications are taken continually.  There is no deadline for application.

  • I get an error code when I click on the Accept Changes button on the "Modify/Delete Category and Project Information" screen.

    The following is a description of common error codes for this screen:  
    ADODB.Commanderror '800a0d5d' 
    Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current operation. 
    /vendor/Update_Category.asp, line 260 (this number will be 260, 262, 265, or 268). 
    Line 260 is the Consultant Fee field - You must put a numerical value or leave as the default 0.00 
    Line 262 is the Construction Cost field - You must put a numerical value or leave as the default 0.00 
    Line 265 is the Project Start Date - You must enter a valid date with a month, day and year. 
    Line 268 is the Project End Date - You must enter a valid date with a month, day and year. NOTE: You must use a project as a reference that has an end date of 1/1/03 or later. 
    Line 273 is the Date for the "Other" category - You must enter a valid date with a month, day and year. 

  • How do I update my fee schedule?
    Review your fee schedule by clicking on "Search Vendors" at the top of the page in the Vendor Management System. Once you've located your firm on the list, click on "Fee Schedule" to view the current fee schedule you have on file.  If it has been at least one-year since you've submitted a fee schedule, verify your fees are not increasing more than 5%.  Once verified, send updated fee schedule to .  RECS staff will review the fee schedule to verify it complies with the RFQ rules.  You will be notified when the review is complete.
  • How do I "Publish" when I am finished updating my firm's information?
    When you are completely finished entering your data, go back to the main screen (Vendor Information). Scroll down to the Vendor Authorization Information section. On the line "Publish?", check "Yes"; and on the line "Published by Name" enter the name of the person authorizing or entering the data. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on "Update Information". Finally, send an email to asking RECS to review your submission. (Please indicate what screens or information you updated.) This will prompt RECS to review your information. YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL; the system does not automatically prompt RECS to review your entries or changes.