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Master Roster Information and Agency Instruction

The purpose of the Master Roster is to provide the State of Minnesota with a list of firms qualified to do work in the areas identified below. Firms from this list may be asked by State Agencies to respond to RFP's for specific projects. When an RFP is issued, the number of firms requested to respond to it is based on the estimated project cost.  Although State agencies are not required to use the Master Roster and may chose instead to publicly advertise for a consultant, use of the Master Roster will expedite the contracting process.

In accordance with Contract Bulletin 99-5 dated October 18, 1999, State Agencies must obtain approval to use this list. The State Agency's Contract Coordinator should contact RECS Contracting at the Department of Administration, Real Estate and Construction Services, by email or by phone 651-201-2550 to obtain permission.

  • Instructions for Program Use
    Use of the Master Roster:  Master Roster for Minnesota Registered Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Geoscientists and Owner's Project Representatives Approved to do Predesign, Design thru Construction Documents, Construction Administration, including Land Surveying and Geoscientist Services thru February 27, 2021.  Once a firm has been approved for the Roster, they will not need to reapply through February 27, 2021, however, firms must update their information as it changes and notify when changes are made. 
  • Categories

    Qualified vendor lists for each category are available to state agency authorized users by logging into the Vendor Management System.

    Category Description
    Acoustical Preparing reports, studies, testing, analysis, plans and specification for control and transmittance of sound.
    Arts and Performing Arts Facilities Schools that educate people in the areas of but not limited to dance, music and other artforms.
    Audio/Visual Media Preparation of plans and specifications for sound, video and other media type systems.
    Bridges See "Roads and Bridges" category below
    Building Restoration Historic preservation,  refurbishing buildings to near original condition according to Minnesota Historical Society guidelines, rules and regulations.
    Commissioning Establishing systems operational goals, confirming successful operation, documentation of operational procedures, and training of staff
    Correctional Facilities Facilities of incarceration.
    Educational Facilities Schools, classrooms, school laboratories and places of an educational nature.
    Energy Supply and Distribution High Voltage systems that convey power in various forms from generation of the power to end users of the power both on site and in buildings.
    Engineering-Building Energy Efficiency Engineer A certified energy engineer for energy efficiency modeling, design and consulting.
    Engineering-Civil Preparing plans and specifications to construct or repair sites associated with construction of buildings or site development and mitigation.
    Engineering-Electrical Preparing plans and specifications to construct, remodel, or repair electrical systems.
    Engineering-Environmental Preparing plans and specifications to construct or remodel environmental systems, and preparing environmental assessments and environmental impact statements.
    Engineering-Mechanical Preparing plans and specifications to construct, remodel, or repair plumbing and mechanical systems.
    Engineering-Structural Preparing plans and specifications to construct, remodel, or repair structural systems.
    Facility Condition Assessment Collecting, analysis, assembling and reporting the condition of buildings for decision makers to use in the budgeting and project planning process.
    Financial Auditing Auditing of Contractor Payment Applications or other costs related to construction.
    Food Service Preparing plans and specifications to construct or remodel spaces used in the preparation and serving of food.
    Geoscience Service Consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, mapping, and inspection of geoscientific work and its responsible supervision; and, may include geologic investigations done by licensed geologists and soil surveys or making of soil maps done by licenses soil scientists and services provided by a licensed geological engineer
    Health and Medical Facililties Hospitals, nursing homes and infirmaries.
    Interior Design Preparing plans and specifications for finishes, systems and other furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
    Intertechnologies and Telecommunications Network and low voltage telecommunication infrastructures.
    Landscape Architecture Preparing plans and specifications to construct and improve sites.
    Land Surveying Means providing legal property description and preparing surveys of property with all utilities, typography and amenities.
    Modular Furniture Design Preparing plans and specifications for modular systems furniture, including space planning, layout design, furniture inventory, installation plans and parts list.
    Office and Administration Facilities Buildings that are used for general office workers.
    Owner's project Representative (OPR) Services and deliverables described in Attachment A of Addendum One to the Master Roster RFQ.
    Predesign The stage in the development of a project, prior to the design stage, during which the purpose, scope, cost, and schedule of the complete project are defined and instructions to design professionals are produced.
    Project Administration Doing selected functions as they relate to projects under construction.
    Recreational Facilities Facilities that provide services to all citizens to conduct leisure and entertaining activities.
    Roads and Bridges Horizontal construction that is used to convey people and goods as well as may include investigations, testing and load studies.
    Roofing All systems and devices used to cover and protect the tops of buildings and appurtenances.
    Security Systems Systems to monitor spaces, secure passage ways, doors, entrances and exits from buildings and spaces.
    Service and Industrial Facilities  Facilities that provide manufactured goods and services to authorized clients.
    Signage All way finding or information conveying devices both in buildings and outdoors.
    Specialty Electrical Systems Specialty systems and industrial control systems such as SCADA
    Sustainable Design Modeling and analysis of building systems materials in accordance with Real Estate and Construction Services Sustainability Guidelines or LEEDS.
    Temperature Control Design and application of systems that control all aspects of HVAC and mechanical systems in building.
    Water and Waste Systems Water towers and sanitary sewer systems.
    Other Categories

    Questions and Answers: Please contact RECS Contracting at 651-201-2551 or by email if you have questions regarding this program.

  • Forms and Templates

    The Real Estate and Construction Services has developed the numerous templates that agencies will require for the use of the program. Agencies must use applicable templates, or an approved MMD equivalent, when using the master roster contracting process. Templates are located at, and the forms needed are based upon the estimated cost for the project. Please review the Documentation Tables below for the documents needed for a particular sized project.

    Agencies must use T# 16AMR in SWIFT contract entry when awarding a contract based off RECS Master Roster Program.

  • Selecting a Vendor from the RECS Master Roster
    RECS maintains a Master Roster of firms interested in performing work.  The Master Roster includes thirty-nine categories or work types.  Each defined area of work contains a list of the firms that have requested to be placed on the master roster for that category of work. Where a firm is qualified for more than one area, its name will be located in each category for which it is qualified.  Included with the firm listing is its contact, reference and fee information.  Information may be accessed by category type or alphabetically by firm.

    The Master Roster is updated electronically, and is continually current. Firms requesting to be placed on the roster may submit their information at any time, and once their submittal is reviewed and approved, it will be added to the roster.  On occasion firms are sent an electronic notice to renew and or update their information.  If a firm does not do this within thirty days that firm is automatically removed from the Roster.  For more information regarding how to be included in the Master Roster, consultants should review the Master Roster RFQ.  Once a firm is approved for the Roster they will not need to apply again until February 27, 2021.  However, firms are responsible for keeping their information accurate.  

    Agencies may select any vendor from the program list for contracts estimated to cost less than $5,000.  Standard State procurement guidelines apply.  Any projects estimated to cost more than $5,000 are required to follow the Documentation Table requirements below.  It is important that agencies follow and document their procedure when selecting a vendor as they may be required to justify their selection.  If an agency does not follow the specific instructions, they must comply with the requirements found at the Dept. of Administration, Materials Management Division standard contracting procedures,
  • Skill Categories and Rates
    Each of the categories found on the Master Roster include information on the firm and the work it has done that it believes makes it qualified to perform work in that category.  Agencies should review the firm's qualifications prior to contracting to insure the firm's prior work experience is sufficient for the work the agency contemplates.

    Attached to the Firm's information, is a fee rate schedule.  Click on "Fee" to access this information.
  • Ten Percent Retainage Authorization
    Minnesota Statutes Section 16C.08 Subdivision 2(10) requires that the final 10 percent of a payment on professional/technical contracts be withheld until all tasks have been satisfactorily completed and certified by the head of the agency.  The statute goes on to include an exception for P/T contracts for architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, geoscientists, and interior design RECS consultant professional technical contracts.

    Please keep in mind that RECS's contracts do allow for withholding final payment until all the work is complete.  Work completion may happen at various stages in the contract, and a warranty period may ensue.  Substantial completion of a project may not be the same as the end date of a contract. Be sure you make this distinction when drafting contracts, so the withholding of final payment may continue until past the warranty period should it be necessary. RECS considers As-Built Drawings as one of the tasks to be included prior to final completion.
  • Vendor Performance Evaluation
    Any vendor contract may be terminated for non-performance.  For those contracts exceeding $25,000, the agency must complete the one page evaluation entitled "Report on Professional/Technical Contracts Over $25,000".  This document must be submitted on-line to the Department of Administration, Materials Management Division, as fulfillment of the state mandated evaluation described in Minn. Stat. Section 16C.08, subd. 4(c) that requires that the head of an agency to submit a one-page report to the Commissioner of Administration within 30 days of the final completion of a contract over $25,000.

  • Time Requirements and Process to Publish an RFP
    RECS's Master Roster Program meets the generalized publication requirements established by the Dept. of Administration. (i.e publication of RFP's for any contracts over $5,000.)  When using the program, an agency may send an RFP to a specified number of vendors based on the dollar amount of the contract.  The specified numbers of vendors are minimums.  Nothing in the program prevents an agency from sending the RFP to more than the minimum numbers of vendors, nor from using traditional methods for publication.

    However, if an agency chooses to use the Master Roster Program it must use the firms identified on the Master Roster, and must agree to rotate work through the listed firms on a regular basis to insure the work is spread fairly among the firms on the roster.
  • Choice of Contract
    RECS's Master Roster Program allows for a choice of contracting formats.

    Professional Technical Service Contracts:  This contract should be used for contracts that do not require design.  (i.e. predesign only, testing or studies)

    Basic Service Agreement Contracts should be used for contracts that require design and/or deliverables.  Within this category of contracts are variations:
  • Documentation Tables based on Estimated Project Cost (Design and/or Professional Technical Services)
    An Encumbrance Form/Master Roster certification form is required for all contracts over $24,999.99***.
    Contract Amount

    Minimum Number
    of Vendors

    Contract Type
    Affidavit of
    Certificate of  Insurance Certificate 
    $5,000 to $24,999.99 1*

    required required
    $25,000.00 to $49,999.99 2 BSA, PTSC
    required required
    $50,000.00 to $99,999.99 3 BSA, PTSC
    required required
    $100,000.00 to $200,000.00 10** BSA, PTSC required required required required

    *Agency may select one vendor from the Master Roster to complete the work.
    **If a firm is identified as TG/ED within a Master Roster category, at least one of the chosen vendors must come from the TG/ED roster.
    *** For all contracts $5,000.00-$24,999.99, a certification form is not required, however, Agencies are still responsible for complying with MN Statute 16C.08, Sub. 2. For compliance verification, RECS recommends agencies contracts coordinator complete RECS Professional/Technical Master Roster Contract Cover Sheet and file with the fully executed contract.

    Note: PTSC's and BSA's may also require other exhibits. These may include scope of work, fee schedules or proposals, RFP's and the like. Please see the Exhibit Schedule within the contract document for other potential exhibits. These exhibits may also be tailored to the unique needs of a contract.

    The Master Roster Contract Program may not be used for projects exceeding $200,000 in Design/Professional Technical Services fees, or a project that will cost more than $2,000,000 in total fees (includes construction fees). 

    The project manager or agency using the Master Roster is responsible for sending the RFP to TG/ED firms on at least 10% of their projects.

    Agencies must enter T#16AMR in the SWIFT system for all contracts that are awarded using the Master Roster program.

    Questions and Answers: Please contact RECS Contracting at 651-201-2551 or by email if you have questions regarding this program.