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Public Events

Admin is responsible for the approval and coordination of special events and public rallies within Capitol Complex buildings and grounds. Spaces available for public events include:

  • State Capitol Rotunda
  • State Capitol Great Hall (displays and exhibits)
  • State Capitol North Corridor (displays and exhibits)
  • State Capitol Steps
  • Upper Capitol Mall
  • Lower Capitol Mall, including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Peace Officers Memorial

More event resources and instructions for acquiring an event permit are listed below. If you have additional questions or special needs, please contact us.

Event Permits

To Apply for An Event Permit

NOTE: No public event permit is approved until the applicant receives a signed, approved application from the State of Minnesota. Do not announce, promote or advertise the event before you have received an approved, signed copy of your application.

Equipment Rental

The MN Historical Society (MHS) at the State Capitol Historic Site will now offer equipment rental for event holders at the State Capitol Building. Available equipment includes tables, chairs, podium with small speaker, Bose expanded public address (PA) system, ADA accessible podium and accessible ramp, risers, easels, coat racks, projection screen, blue back drop and several other items.

Rental agreements are currently being accepted for events taking place after November 1, 2012. If you are interested in renting equipment from MHS for your event, please contact them directly at 651-259-3298. If you will be using a vendor other than MHS, information regarding delivery will be provided to you.

Event Schedule

Events and activities in public spaces on the Minnesota State Capitol Complex also include Cass Gilbert and Leif Erickson Parks. For more information, please call our service line at 651-201-2300.

Please note: 

  • New events are being added regularly. Please check this page for updates. 
  • For informational purposes only. 
  • Event times/locations may be subject to change without posting to this calendar.