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The Capitol is now Closed to the Public

The entire Capitol building is under construction and closed to the public until early 2017. The basement tunnel remains open via key card for tenants and employees.


Capitol mystery: Who took Cass Gilbert's chairs (and other stuff)?

- 1,600 furniture pieces designed by Capitol architect Cass Gilbert.
- About half were sold, discarded or lost. Where did they go?
- Learn about efforts to round up furniture missing from the Capitol. Minnesota Public Radio (4:19).


A Massive Preservation Effort is Underway

The Capitol is undergoing a $309.674 million, three plus-years comprehensive renovation, repair and restoration.


Repairing over a Century of Wear and Tear

After 109 years, the Capitol had reached a critical deterioration point -  crumbling exterior, antiquated infrastructure, and inadequate life safety systems.


See Behind-the-Scenes Videos, Photos and More!

Multimedia helps to tell the story about the Restoration Project as it unfolds. Watch marble carving, learn about the Rotunda restoration, and be sure to check out our Restoration Blog and pictures on Flickr

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Welcome to the Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Project!

Our Capitol is undergoing its first comprehensive preservation effort since its original construction in 1905. When completed in 2017, it will be strong enough to last for the next 100 years. In the meantime, the Capitol is an active construction site impacting all building operations including hearings, floor sessions, rallies and tours.

Important Venue Information for the 2016 Legislative Session

Due to the restoration work at the Capitol and the opening of the new Minnesota Senate Building, many meeting locations have changed venues for the 2016 legislative session. Activities will be held in either the new Minnesota Senate Building, the State Office Building, or the Capitol.

Blue arrow Visiting the Capitol | Quick Links

See this page for quick links to visiting legislators, attending hearings, watching floor sessions, and attending rallies or public events.

Blue arrow Minnesota Senate Building | Senate Activities

Visit this building to attend floor sessions in the temporary Senate Chamber, watch live Senate floor session broadcasts, meet with Majority Caucus Senators, and attend hearings.

Blue arrow State Office Building | House of Representatives Activities

Visit this building to meet with Representatives and Minority Caucus Senators, attend hearings, watch live House floor session broadcasts, and obtain a public access pass to enter the House Chamber in the Capitol.

Blue arrow Capitol Public Access Pass |House Chamber Floor Sessions

House Floor sessions will be held in the House Chamber. The Chamber will be open only when the House of Representatives is conducting business on the floor. Capacity in and around the chamber is limited to 258 people including legislators and staff. Get information about how to obtain a public access pass to attend a House Chamber floor session in the Capitol building.

During Construction

- The Capitol is closed to the public until early 2017, except for the House of Representatives Chamber during the 2016 legislative session.
- Basement tunnel, including the portion that runs under the Capitol, is open to the public during the 2016 legislative session. 
- The State will continue to conduct its business during regular legislative sessions.
- Indoor tours are suspended.

Browse this Website to Learn

- Vital information about visiting the Capitol Complex area during the Capitol Restoration Project. 
- Fun details about this exciting project!

Visiting the Capitol

Due to the restoration work at the Capitol and the opening of the new Minnesota Senate Building, 2016 Session activities will be spread out among the Capitol building, Minnesota Senate Building, and State Office Building. Look here for help finding your hearings, legislators and events.

Parking and Transportation

Get information on parking facilities; street parking; public transportation; bike racks; and street closures and detours.


Learn about accessibility and the services provided to visitors with disabilities during the Capitol Restoration Project.

Behind the Scenes

Wonder what goes on behind the temporary walls? Check out these videos and slide shows. Plus, our weekly blog provides insight into the Capitol's original construction in 1905.

About the Project

Get details on the Capitol Restoration Project scope of work, guiding principles, historical timeline, financing, planning process and more.

Art in the Capitol

Get information about Capitol Preservation Commission's Art Subcommittee's progress toward its review and recommendations about existing Capitol art pieces as well as art for new public spaces available when the Restoration Project is complete. Public input is welcome!

Please plan for more time to reach your destination(s).


Minnesota State Capitol
75 Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155


The Capitol building is closed to the public until early 2017.
The basement tunnel remains open via key card for
employees and tenants.