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Consultant Responsibilities - Post Construction

Specific Consultant Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate and collect information for warranty and operational manuals.  Review Operations and Maintenance Manuals for completeness. 
  2. Coordinate systems training sessions with the user agency/facility staff. 
  3. Receive and review as-built drawings and specifications from the contractor. Verify that all addenda and supplemental agreement (change order) work are included. 
  4. Incorporate all as-built changes onto electronic drawings and specifications. 
  5. The AutoCAD drawing format shall meet State’s Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Guidelines
  6. Schedule and conduct a ten month pre-expiration warranty inspection.
  7. The one year warranty period begins on the date of Substantial Completion 
  8. Sustainability / High Performance / Commissioning 
  9. Review Commissioning requirements with the State’s Project Manager.  Complete the commissioning process as required for new buildings funded after January 1, 2004, per “The State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines” .  The commissioning is to occur after the 10 month warranty period or after completion of a full year of operation, whichever is last.  
  10. Submit O & M Manuals to user facility/agency. 
  11. Verify that facility has received material stock, as specified, from the contractor. 
  12. Submit training videos for future staff training needs. 
  13. Submit Electronic and hardcopy as built drawings and specifications as follows 
    •2 copies to State’s Project Manager (one for internal file; one for archiving). 
    •1 copy to user facility/agency 
  14. Submit final project information on via an updated Monthly Project Report (contained in the Design Guidelines ):  final construction cost and cost per sq ft and final square footage. 
  15. Written report from architects and engineers of record and consultants on the walkthrough inspection.  Include summary of corrections to be made.  Forward copies to the State’s Project  Manager, the user agency and the prime contractor.  
  16. In accordance with  “The State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines” .     Submit the “Final Compliance Summary Form” for the project. 
  17. FINAL   Request for Payment, Consultant Agreement