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Consultant Responsibilities - Construction Administration

Consultant Responsibilities - Construction Administration
In the Construction Observation phase, the project is constructed, and the consultant observes the construction, and issues instructions to the contractor.

The construction period begins with the Notice to Proceed. This sets the start date, with the end date as noted on the Bid Form. A Preconstruction Conference will be held before construction is started, and shall include the Real Estate and Construction Services (RECS) Project Manager (PM) and representatives from all prime contractors, subcontractors, facility, and agency. Regular meetings are held throughout the course of construction, and testing shall occur per the specifications. Changes in the project scope and schedule must be approved by the RECS PM, and a Supplemental Agreement processed prior to the work being done. The consultant shall provide the contractor with a punch list near the end of the project, and Substantial Completion shall be reached on or prior to the specified date of completion.

The consultant shall conduct a pre-warranty inspection 10 months after the Date of Substantial Completion.

Specific Consultant Responsibilities: 

The consultant shall observe the construction per conditions of the contract, interpret the requirements of the contract documents, and advise the State concerning performance of the contractor. Included in the scope of work is the following:

  1. Represent, advise, and consult with the State 
  2. Together with the RECS PM, conduct the Preconstruction meeting 
    1. Use the Preconstruction Meeting Form 
  3. Observe construction to keep State informed of progress 
    1. Conduct regularly scheduled construction meetings 
      •Take meeting notes in a format that follows the RECS Meeting Note Guidelines 
      •Distribute notes to attendees and all other appropriate people 
    2. Observe construction as appropriate for the stage of work 
    3. Record and evaluate work progress, and submit a field report to RECS PM 
    4. Review, sign, and submit contractor Pay Request to RECS PM in a timely manner. 
    5. On an ongoing basis, monitor the project budget and report weekly. 
    6. On an ongoing basis, monitor the project schedule and report weekly. 
  4. Review and take appropriate action on submittals required by the contract documents 
    1. Two sets of approved shop drawings shall be kept so that consultant can give one set to facility at end of project. 
  5. Review contractor's requests for information, and issue clarifications as required 
  6. Issue instructions to the contractor 
    1. The agency and facility do not have the authority to direct changes in the work 
  7. Review change requests with RECS PM 
    1. Submit a detailed Request for Proposal to the contractor 
      •Note that all drawings shall be certified by the design professional 
    2. Review extension of time required by change 
    3. Obtain a detailed cost breakdown 
      •Material total shall be broken down into rate x quantity 
      •Labor total shall be broken down into rate x hours 
    4. Upon written approval of RECS PM, fill out a Supplemental Agreement Construction Contracts form (S.A.), and attach cost breakdown 
      •Consultant shall sign back of form, and send to contractor for signature 
      •An Officer of the construction company must sign the S.A. and return to the consultant 
      •Consultant shall forward to RECS PM for processing 
      •When the consultant has been notified by the RECS PM that the S.A. has been executed, they shall inform the contractor to proceed with the work 
  8. Make a prompt written notice to the RECS PM of all items that do not conform to the Contract Documents 
  9. Conduct two inspections to determine dates of substantial and final completion of the construction 
    1. Provide contractor with a punch list of items left to complete 
      •Include sign-off line for each item 
  10. Establish date of Substantial Completion, and process form 
  11. Obtain field as-built drawings and specifications from contractor 
    1. Incorporate all changes into the contract documents, including all addenda items, and submit to RECS in the following form: 
      •1 blue-line set of drawings 
      •1 annotated specification that notes all changes and identifies products selected 
      •1 reproducible set of drawings  1 electronic set of drawings, which may be on disk or CD 
  12. Obtain complete O & M Manuals from the contractor as specified 
    1. Review and verify they are complete, send to facility and copy transmittal to RECS PM 
  13. Verify facility has received all specified training 
  14. Verify contractor has supplied material stock to facility as specified 
  15. Conduct ten month pre-warranty inspection