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Consultant Responsibilities - Construction Documents

Specific Consultant Responsibilities

  1. Continue to administer the project  work and coordinate with agency, facility, State Project Manager and design team to finalize the design.
  2. Update and confirm space program, scope, cost and schedule with State Project Manager & user agency. 
  3. Obtain & review State’s DD review comments on submittal documents and incorporate comments into CDs. 
  4. Review progress of documents in meeting with State Project Manager and user agency at 50% and 90% stage of completion. 
  5. Prepare final drawings, specifications, conditions of the contract and bidding requirements based on approved DD documents and in sufficient detail for bidding and construction of the project. 
  6. Review specifications to avoid sole source manufacturers and provide designs to obtain  more competitive bidding while remaining compatible with existing installations. 
  7. Prepare final building code analysis and update the Code Record and Code Plan(s). 
  8. Finalize the Estimated Cost of Construction; value engineer as required to maintain allocated and approved budget. 
  9. Identify construction testing needs and communicate to the State’s Project Manager.  Quality assurance testing shall be indicated in each specification division; defining the type of test and method; test frequency; test pass/fail tolerance; and action required for failed tests. 
  10. Conduct final review of  the State’s Design Guidelines  for inclusion into documents. 
  11. Review HARDWARE /keying with the Facility prior to publishing for bids. 
  12. Obtain from the State Project Manager and edit the Division 00 Sections and related Construction Contract forms to be included in the Project Manual.  Assign a Section number and list the documents in the Table of Contents. 
  13. Coordinate with facility to schedule a Pre-bid conference.  Attend and document the conference. 
  14. Certify Drawings for bidding and construction. 
  15. Meeting minutes. 
  16. Letter response that all SD & DD review comments have been incorporated into the documents.  Provide written explanation for any review comments not incorporated into the documents.  Confirm elements, scope, cost  and and schedule. 
  17. Updated Schematic Design and Design Development Instruments of Service/Deliverables.  Updates to program areas, scope, cost and schedule are to be a tabulated comparison.   Submit 50% and 90% complete documents. 
  18. Written responses to regulatory/legal reviews or inquiries (i.e. code officials, CAAP Board, Health Department, Pollution Control Agency, Municipality, Federal agency, etc). 
  19. Include Sustainable design elements/products incorporated into the project. 
  20. Assist in the solicitation and review of proposals from three independent testing companies.  Make recommendation for selection to the State. 
  21. Edit the State’s Division 00 front end documents (Advertisement for Bids, Bid Proposal Forms, etc.) 
    •Bid Date, Time, Place 
    •Substantial & Completion date/liquidated or actual damages 
    •Alternates and Unit Prices 
    •% of Targeted Group Goal requirement 
    •Security requirements for contractors working at detention facilities. 
    •Builders Risk Insurance requirement 
    •Advertisement for Bids: (Consultant shall edit in coordination with MN Dept. of Administration’s Materials Management Div. (MMD) and State Project Manager).  Include Pre-bid conference date/time/location.
  22. Submit 100% complete set of documents (plans & specs) to state’s independent quality control consultant.   Incorporate review comments into documents.  Submit documentation of review and comments. 
  23. Submit a 100% completed set of documents to the Minnesota State Historical Society.  Provide written documentation of the review and comments to State. 
  24. Include all design professionals’ CERTIFICATION SIGNATURES on drawings and on a signature sheet in the Project Manual.  Obtain State APPROVAL SIGNATUREs for the cover sheet of the Drawings. 
  25. Request for Payment, Consultant Agreement