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Bidding Phase

Consultant Responsibilities - Bidding
In the Bidding phase, construction documents are available for review by those wishing to bid on the project.

Contractors are encouraged to ask questions during this period; answers and clarifications are made by Addendum. A Prebid meeting is held for most of the projects, and all those wishing to bid on the project are expected to attend. Bidders will be responsible for all of the information given at the meeting.

Specific Consultant Responsibilities: 

The consultant shall print the plans and specifications, distribute the bid documents, and put out all required addendums. Included in the scope of work is the following:

  1. Submit a copy of the bid documents and the Application for Plan Review to Building Codes and Standards 
    •Note that the review fee will be paid through RECS using project funds 
    •Respond to all review comments, taking corrective action as required 
  2. Submit bid documents to all appropriate review authorities, such as the Department of Health and Accessibility Council. 
  3. Submit a set of bid documents to both RECS and MMD 
  4. Send copies of bid sets to Builder's Exchanges 
  5. Issue bid sets to requesting contractors 
  6. Take contractor questions, review substitution requests with RECS PM, and issue addenda 
  7. Administer the Prebid walk-through 
  8. Make Award recommendation